CMC Lancia D50, 1955 Monaco GP #30, Eugenio Castellotti

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The talented Eugenio Castellotti was a member of Scuderia Lancia as were Alberto Ascari and Luigi Villoresi. With his achievements at the Grands Prix in Turin and Pau, Castelotti came to the Monaco GP with great self-confidence, knowing that he was entitled to a fourth place in the starting grid, next only to Fangio, Ascari, and Moss.

CMC has replicated the runner-up Lancia D50 with starting number 30 authentically. This miniature boasts true sporty looks and a charismatic appeal to aerodynamic styling.


Metal precision model hand-built from 1,598 parts Detachable and lockable engine hood Hinged adjustable screen Realistic replica of the V8 engine complete with pipes and cabling Metal exhaust pipes Triangular steering axle with shock absorbers, front suspension with wishbones, transverse leaf spring, all made of metal Rear suspension with De-Dion-tube, transverse leaf spring, longitudinal arms and inboard dampers, all made of metal Radiator grille hand-made of stainless steel with metal supports Highly-detailed replication of the cooling system Highly-detailed fuel and oil circulation Authentically-replicated hinged fuel caps Authentically-replicated hinged oil-filler cap Upholstered leather-covered driver seat and head rest Perfectly-crafted wheels with stainless-steel spokes and nipples on an alloy rim Authentically-replicated central locking nuts with right-/left-handed threads Elegant finish with a brilliant paint in original color Starting number 30 printed by the tampon printing method Special feature as accessory: Booster-Trolley with separate assist-start device

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