It one of the biggest celebrations of geek culture in Sri Lanka. It celebrated everything from comics to anime to movies to cosplay. This was the Colombo Comic-Con. Organized by Gamer.LK and Pruve Comics, the Colombo Comic-Con was held at BMICH from the 9th – 11th of December. Over the course of three days, geeks from all walks of life descended upon BMICH. Some cosplaying as their favorite characters and others cosplaying as themselves.

As you might have seen on Facebook, cosplay was a big part of the Colombo Comic-Con

Last year, we saw cosplayers take their costumes to unprecedented heights. The stunning attention to detail by our local cosplayers brought characters to life. In doing so our local cosplayers broke the internet and made cosplay an important part of Sri Lankan geek culture. The bar was set high, and at Colombo Comic-Con the cosplayers we saw surpassed it.

We saw some mind-blowing cosplays at the Colombo Comic-Con (Image credits: Thusitha Dananjaya)

Over the course of Colombo Comic-Con, we saw some mind-blowing cosplays. Some of them had spent months preparing their costumes and getting into the personality of their favorite characters. All of them had a sharp eye for the little details. In the end, the results were nothing short of amazing. Over the course of the three days of Colombo Comic-Con, everyone wanted pictures with the cosplayers.

But it was on the second day that the cosplayers of Colombo Comic-Con were truly in the spotlight. For this was the day that we saw the cosplay ramp walk. This was a fashion show where the cosplayers (literally) took center stage. It was during this ramp walk that everyone saw the cosplayers truly become their favorite characters. But that’s not all. During this ramp, a cosplay competition took place to recognize and appreciate the effort the cosplayers had put into their art.

The judges had a hard time selecting the winner. In fact, they took so much time that the cosplayers decided to do a mannequin challenge to pass the time. Ultimately, the judges had to make a choice. The winners of the Colombo Comic-Con Cosplay competition were:

The winners of the Colombo Comic-Con Cosplay Competition (Image credits: Thusitha Dananjaya)

  • Best Game Cosplay – Dylan Solomons as Deadric
  • Best Original Cosplay – Lahiru Nishantha as LanternPool
  • Best Anime Cosplay – Malintha Jayasekera as Eren Jaeger
  • Best Comic Cosplay – Chathurinda Sumithraarachchi as Cyclops
  • Best Movie Cosplay – Ashini Jayasinghe as Harley Quinn

The winners of the best overall single and group cosplays at Colombo Comic-Con (Image credits: Thusitha Dananjaya)

  • Overall best single cosplay – Dylan Solomons as Deadric
  • Overall best group cosplay – Team Overwatch.

As we walked around, we also saw a lot of geek merchandise for sale.

From detailed action figures to stunning posters, the Colombo Comic-Con had its selection of geek merchandise for sale. The moment we walked in we saw iFlix on the left selling subscriptions. On the other side, we saw a Lego selling their merchandise and a play area where kids could build anything they wanted with Lego blocks.

A snapshot of the merchandise available at Colombo Comic-Con The winners of the Colombo Comic-Con Cosplay Competition (Image credits: Thusitha Dananjaya)

As we walked around the hall, we saw Yamato One at one corner selling anime merchandise from action figures to posters to pillows. Right next to them was Red dot Geek, selling posters and Marvel comics. At another corner, we saw another collection of more high-end figures by Collectique. And by high-end, we mean huge action figures that would set you back by Rs. 40,000.

We also saw Faniacs at Colombo Comic-Con selling their stunning T-shirts and notebooks. Of course, for the third consecutive year, the Pruve collective, which helped organize Colombo Comic-Con, were selling posters of their artwork.

Everything else that we found at Colombo Comic-Con

Over the course of Colombo Comic-Con, there were many other things happening as well. On Day 02 we saw a panel discussion featuring the directors and the cast of the upcoming movie Aloko Udapadi. During their panel, the cast and directors spoke about Sri Lankan cinema and about the upcoming movie.

Fast forward to Day 03 and we saw more panels.  One panel was by the moderators of, where they spoke about anime as a storytelling medium. During the panel discussion, the panelists shared examples of how anime has influenced Western Cinema, marketing campaigns, and even music. Not long after this panel, we saw the final panel of Colombo Comic-Con.

The team from Pruve Comics talks about their upcoming animated series (Image credits: Thusitha Dananjaya)

This panel was by Pruve comics talking about their latest venture alongside Leprechauns Studios: The Tale of Chaste. The series is currently in development and is set to be released in 2017. We saw the first trailer of the series at Colombo Comic-Con. Additionally, we also saw a fair share of intense laser tag matches on both days. Once the panels ended, it wasn’t an uncommon sight to see a Sith Lord team up with Black Widow, running around the hall trying to shoot The Riddler and Master Chief.

And that’s what we found at the Colombo Comic-Con

Once again, the Colombo Comic-Con was a massive celebration of geek culture. Over the course of three days, geeks from all walks of life found something for themselves. And now the challenging wait begins until the next Comic-Con. The wait is only made slightly easier as we start preparing our cosplays for the next Comic-Con, which will likely be bigger and better.