CMC Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Mille Miglia #704 Hermann (Limited)

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At 7:04 on the morning of May 1, 1955, the 300 SLR with starting number 704 (starting number = starting time) left the launch pad in Brescia, with Hans Herrmann and his co-pilot
Hermann Eger behind the wheel to attempt the 22nd championship of the 1,600 km-long Mille Miglia. Having covered more than a half of the race, they were forced to retire because the fuel filler cap had come loose, causing a dangerous fuel spill all over the pilots. It was a hard decision, as Herrmann was holding a promising lead at the time. CMC recreated the original Hans Herrmann’s car down to the smallest detail.
Price: LKR 66,000.00


Metal precision model hand-assembled from more than 1,500 single parts True-to-scale body (Mille Miglia racing version) Accurate replication of the space frame in metal Authentically replicated headrest dome in the two-seater model. It forms a single unit with the trunk cover, which opens upwards (for access to the spare wheels The headrest of the one-seater model lies lose on the trunk cover and can flip up independently. The trunk cover opens, as well. Fuel filler concealed in in the driver’s headrest dome. Removable fuel filler cap of stainless steel Functional metal hood rod and rod latch Highly detailed 8-cylinder inclined in-line-engine, complete with aggregates, pipes and cabling Spoked wheels with aluminium rims. Each stainless steel spoke is mounted with a base nipple. Central locking nut for the fastening and removal of wheels (with side-sensitive threads for the two different sides) Accurately-formed horseshoe wind shield. The one-seater model is equipped with an additional metal cover over the co-pilot’s seat. Well-replicated cockpit with textile-covered seat(s) and leather interior Detail-exact dashboard with all instruments and control elements Laterally-placed exhaust pipes made of stainless steel Realistic replication of the front and rear wheel suspension with springs Premium paintwork with accurately positioned starting numbers (tampon printing method) Special feature:Side opening for maintenance is left uncovered, as in the original. A cover is enclosed in the box and can be mounted magnetically.

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